Rider & Trailer Data

Experienced cyclists riding as a team with emphasis on safety and respect for other road users.

Male, female, and combination of riders can be facilitated.

Patented lightweight double-sided billboard trailers with anti crosswind mechanism including pivoting self-centering billboard panels.

Side, rear and vertical strip ad panels in addition to the main billboard on trailers.

Can operate in rain showers- clear rain jackets, and clip on mudguards are carried.

Measurements per trailer:

  • Double sided billboard– 815mm wide, 1465mm high.
  • Rear vertical panel– 200mm wide ,by 1440mm high.
  • Rear lower panel– 770mm wide ,by 240mm high.
  • Side lower panels-360mm wide, by 280mm high. (2 of)
  • 3 day campaign minimum.
  • 5.5 hours campaign activity per day.